Sunday, 7 March 2010

Want a brand new Sony Ps3?!

Free Sony Ps3Lets start of by saying that you are are hardly going to be in doubt of the quality of this system, come on its made by Sony.The first release of the Ps3 was quite bulky and heavy, but Sony have know released the Slimline version which is Slim and Light.

The first boot up took a few minutes to set up, downloading the latest firmware updates etc. But after we got that out they way, the beast came to life!

The Ps3 slimline is the most popular of the three NexGen games consoles and i can see why! As an overall entertainment system it boasts a massive 120gb harddrive as standard.

A fully functional Dvd & Blu-ray Dvd player (to play your HD movies).

And of course a beast of a gaming machine.

But what if i told you i was giving one of these away? Well not just one, you can have as many as you want?

Simply head over to FreebieJeebies and follow there instructions and you will get you very on Free PS3 sent to you in the post today?!